VHF/UHF FM Repeater-Base Units

Private Two-way System Design:
A versatile unit, the TKR-751/851 is a 16-user group conventional repeater, a simplex or full duplex base station or the RF core of a trunking system. Advanced features include DSP audio processing, DTMF over-the-air remote control and programmable Auxiliary I/O’s.

TKR-751/851 Data Sheet pdf

General Features:
• 19″ Rack Mount Design
• Primary DC Input Connector
• Auto-Switchd Back-Up DC Input Connector
• Backup Battery Warning/Operation Tones
• Rear External Speaker Output (4 Watts Audio)
• Rear Test-Speaker-AUX Connector (15-Pin)
• Programmable AUX Input/Output Functions
• BCD Remote Channel Selection (4 lines)
• Toggle or Momentary Operation on AUX Input Ports
• Pre-Emphasis On/Off Control (at TA AUX Input)
• DSP Processed QT/DQT
• QT/DQT Squelch-Tail Elimination
• Embedded Message with Password Protection
• High Stability Oscillators (TCXO)
• Flash Memory

Repeater Features:
• Full-Duplex Operation
• Built-In 16 QT/DQT Tone/Code Pair Community
• Repeater Operation
• External Controller Interface
• Conventional or Trunking Controller Compatible
• Repeat Enable/Disable
• 8 CW Transmitter IDs
• Repeat Hold Timer (Hang Timer)
• Time Out Timer

Base Station Features:
• 16 Channel
• Simplex or Full Duplex Operation
• Antenna Switch for Simplex/SIngle Antenna Operation
• Priority Scan
• Remote Control Inputs
• 7-Segment 2-Character Channel & Scan LED
• 2 Character Alphanumeric Channel Designator
• 6 Lighted PF Keys
• Local Takeover/Remote PF Keys
• Voice Encryption Port