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Rugged Multi-Network Mobile Gateway

InMotion Solutions™ provides flexibility for customers requiring access to multiple wide area and local area networks. InMotion Solutions have been proven in hundreds of mission-critical applications, from emergency response to public safety, utilities, and transit.

Transit agencies, first responders and commercial fleets rely on an increasing number of mobile communications devices to do their work in the field. Today’s mobile workforce needs mobile networking technologies that provide seamless and secure connectivity for all of these devices – anywhere, all the time – while taking advantage of the latest high speed networks.

Built specifically to provide multi-network connectivity in mobile environments, InMotion Solutions™ have been proven in hundreds of mission-critical applications, from emergency response to public safety, utilities, and transit.

The InMotion Solution suite of products include the oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG), a rugged, mobile communications gateway, the oMM Management System (oMM) a mobile network management system, the mobile-optimized oCM VPN Server (oCM), and applications all backed by a world-class technical services team. InMotion Solutions simplify the deployment, management, and maintenance of advanced mobile networking solutions within any enterprise environment.


oMG Mobile Gateway        oMG Datasheet  PDF             

The oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG) is specifically designed to deliver secure, persistent, wireless wide area networking for vehicles.

The oMG can be configured with multiple embedded WAN access technologies to provide uninterrupted data connectivity with unsurpassed throughput. Supported technologies include commercial cellular LTE, public safety broadband LTE (FirstNet), 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi and 4.9 GHz broadband. It is also able to accept many consumer USB modems provided by your carrier for economical connectivity.

The oMG is designed to be the central communications hub in the vehicle. Costly data plans can be reduced as multiple devices can simultaneously share the WAN uplink via Ethernet, Serial, USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz MIMO, utilizing an external antenna to provide the best possible throughput and reach in and around the vehicle.

The oMG’s network policy engine enables intelligent switching between networks, based on a variety of operational factors. A patented, cognitive wireless system automatically senses, assesses and selects the best available network.

The latest encryption and authentication standards are supported to ensure the enterprise network remains fully secure – even for devices that do not support VPN clients. Combining the oMG with the oCM VPN Server (oCM) enables the mobilization of enterprise applications that cannot tolerate connection disruptions, require static IP addresses or need to meet the FIPS 140-2 security standard.

As the enterprise networks evolve, such as when Wi-Fi credentials need to change, the oMG can be remotely configured through the oMM Management System (oMM).

The oMG includes a built-in GPS receiver, and can be configured to collect data from the vehicle telemetry bus. Working in conjunction with the oMM, value-added applications such as vehicle tracking, vehicle telemetry, RFID asset tracking, and remote device access can be fully realized.

oMM Management System       oMM Datasheet   PDF  

The oMM Management System collects and analyzes data from a fleet of oMG Mobile Gateways (oMG).

This system provides managers with a virtual dashboard to securely track, manage, and troubleshoot all mobile resources, modify configurations, monitor network coverage, troubleshoot IT devices and more. Email alerts and real-time map views identify resource utilization and optimize the true value of your mobile workforce.

To augment the fleet status snapshot provided by the dashboard, historical reports are used for deeper analysis and troubleshooting. The oMM includes core reports that provide fleet administrators a means to assess overall fleet health and troubleshoot problems.

The oMM is accessible from any browser, and is available as a hosted service, or as an appliance licensed for operation within your enterprise network.

Example reports include but are not limited to:
Coverage Map – fleet-wide cellular coverage maps to assess overall carrier or network performance
Coverage Trails – connectivity for individual vehicles by location
Link Utilization – time-based view of connectivity status for each active WAN link
Availability Trend – percentage of in-service time that individual gateways were accessible over-the-air<
Bandwidth Consumption – volume of data received/transmitted on each network

Multiple modules are available for the oMM to optimize fleet performance and asset utilization:

Tracker     Tracker Datasheet PDF  
Tracks the location of fleet vehicles
Knows when vehicles leave service areas or return to depot

Telemetry        Telemetry DatasheetPDF
Monitors the health of your vehicle fleet
Receives email alerts about performance problems
Identify performance issues and prevent breakdowns

Asset Manager       Asset Manager Datasheet PDF
Knows the location of your high value assets
Manages and monitor assets from a vehicle or any desktop connection
Knows instantly when equipment is left behind
Sends the right equipment at the right time

Nav       Nav Datasheet PDF
Dispatches crews by pushing addresses to the vehicle
Gets confirmation from crews that dispatch has been received and vehicles are en route
Broadcasst messages to crews and track responses
Tracks driver ID and driver status at all times

oCM Mobile-Optimized VPN Server  oCM DatasheetPDF

The mobile-optimized oCM VPN Server (oCM), provides secure IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment.

Designed to work with the oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG) and oMM Management System (oMM), the oCM consolidates security onto a single platform and provides security for all your connected devices and applications in the Vehicle Area Network.

With the combination of the oMG and oCM, enterprise applications that require a stable connection and/or static IP address can now be fully mobilized and operate in the vehicle over multiple networks, including data networks from different service providers, public and depot Wi-Fi infrastructures. Static IP plans from the service provider are no longer required. Secure connectivity of devices without VPN client support can be realized. FIPS compliance can now be met. Management of the network is now within the full control of the enterprise.

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