AVLS GPS Tracking System

Track Star AVLS GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Track Star AVLS GPS Tracking Software is a unique product in the GPS AVL software market. The AVLS product is an extremely cost effective software solution that provides users with a self-owned and operated system that supports both passive and active GPS tracking devices from a host of leading manufacturers employing communication technologies that include all varieties of cellular, radio and low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites.

Track Star Unique Features:
Completely Private System – customer owned and hosted assuring data privacy.
Unlimited data storage – customer owned SQL database stores data eternally.
Sharable, scalable solution – user visibility functions allow use by many departments and agencies, system supports unlimited numbers of vehicles and users.
Data integration – API’s and database documentation provided to allow integration with other applications.
Detailed map data – NAVTEQ Premium data provided for all US and Canada inclusive of locally posted speed limit data and points of interest, updated quarterly.
Customer map data – Track Star AVLS allows overlay of local GIS data using ESRI shapefiles.
Real time tracking – the customer is free to configure any desired update rate(as frequently as once per second) and to have different rates for different vehicles.
Availability of Digital Globe Satellite Imagery
Complete reports – a wide range of reports is provided for complete ability to document vehicle activity. Using the unlimited data storage capability, this provides reports that can go back as far in time as the user desires.
Geo-fencing – Track Star AVLS provides the customary “forward looking” geo-fencing functions such as alerting on arrival and departure, etc. In addition, Track Star provides a unique “backwards looking” geo-fencing function that allows a geo-fence to be created and past vehicle activity reported.
Vehicle activity replay – a tool that graphically recreates vehicle activity on a separate map display for any desired range of date and time.
Low Cost of Acquisition and Operation – The cost to acquire and operate the Track Star AVLS system is the lowest in the industry by a wide margin.
Configurability – the Track Star AVLS system is designed to be widely configurable and flexible so that it fits the needs of any user organization.
Input monitoring – often used to enhance officer safety, the Track Star AVLS system works with the digital inputs of most supported devices to allow notification when equipment is activated (lights and sirens, officer needs assistance device, etc.).
Notifications – the Track Star ALVS system provides a wide range of automatic notification for events in your fleet as you define them. Included are notifications for maintenance events, excessive stop time, geofence entry or exit, violation of posted speed limit, violation of policy speed limit and input activation. Notifications can be on-screen and have the ability to generate automatic outgoing email and / or SMS alerts, programmable on a per vehicle, per event basis.
Low bandwidth – the Track Star AVLS system has been designed to impose a minimal loading on networks using a compact transport mechanism. This also allows the client application to be used in both mobile and remote locations even when bandwidth is limited.
Easy to use and intuitive interface – Track Star is an easy to use application and requires minimal user training to make use of all features and capabilities.