Astral Communications provides Cellular and GPS antennas from various manufactures  -  PCTEL, Wilson, Maxrad, Mobile Mark, and Laird.
Whether you are looking for Permanent Mount, Dipole, Magnet Mount, Yagi or Omni High Gain Antennas, Astral Communications can assist.

Antenna 457-DB Color 1.0 DA_Log Periodic Antenna 457-DB
Cellular Antennas
Phantom Phantom Low Profile Whipless Antenna 3G/4G
 Omni Blue  Omni Directional Antenna 3G/4G Data Sheet
 Yagi Wide Band Directional 3G/4G Antenna Data Sheet
Dipole Dipole 3G/4G Antenna Data Sheet
 295-W 9dBi Gain Munti Bank Omni 3G Antenna Data Sheet
 Whip Dual Band Whip 3G Antenna Data Sheet
GPS with Cellular 3G/4G and WiFi Combination Antenna

CW GPS BLUE 1.5 GPS WiFi Multi-Band Antenna Data Sheet
 GPS with Cellular 3G Antenna Combination Antenna

Mag Mount Cellular with GPS Magnet Mount Antenna Data Sheet
 GPS Cell  GPS Multi-Band Antenna Data Sheet
 WiFi Only Antenna

 wilfi WiFi Dipole, Reverse Polarity SMA Male Antenna Data Sheet