AirVantage Management Service

Simplifying M2M Operations

The AirVantage Management Service simplifies and scales M2M operations. It is the only device management cloud application that allows users to deploy, monitor, and configure complete M2M systems – managing devices, firmware, embedded applications, and airtime subscriptions across global networks. This new approach makes managing M2M deployments:

  • Simple: one location for managing any number of M2M devices eliminates the need to install and manage software.
  • Scalable: interactive dashboards provide at-a-glance views of large deployments making it easy to drill down to troubleshoot and rapidly configure new M2M devices.
  • Secure: fault-tolerant device-to-cloud protocols (OMA-DM and AWT-DA) ensure secure two-way communication between connected devices and the cloud.

AirVantage Datasheet pdf



  • Task-based user-interface (UI) enables easy management of M2M systems.
    • Access the cloud app anytime, anywhere
    • Receive automatic software deliveries of firmware and embedded applications
    • Create device configuration templates
    • Create device groups and assign multiple user levels
    • Connect deployments on any carrier or network operator
    • Schedule periodic reports and export data in CSV
    • Get integrated subscription management with select network operators
  • Interactive dashboards provide at-a-glance management of all devices with detailed drill down for easy troubleshooting and device configuration.
    • Worldwide map displays the location of all devices
    • Graphical snapshots show device status and signal strength
    • Chart overviews highlight all firmware and embedded application versions
  • Tight integration with Sierra Wireless devices enables additional configuration and management features
    • AirLink intelligent gateways: comprehensive out-of-the-box monitoring configuration of ALEOS embedded intelligence.


Universal Device Monitoring Configuration

  • Heartbeat monitoring with warning and thresholds
  • Wireless device configuration and network profile setup
  • Direct device control using AT or OMA-DM commands
  • Firmware over-the-air (OTA) campaign management
  • Secure end-to-end connection

AirLink Gateway Management

  • Advanced heartbeat monitoring of signal strength and service type parameters
  • Over 700 out-of-the-box machine, security, and location protocol configurations with ALEOS embedded intelligence

Embedded Application Management

  • Deploy and update embedded applications
  • Asset data available from the AirVantage Enterprise Platform web services APIs
  • Supports ALEOS Application Frameworks
  • Asset data collection, logging, search, and event management
  • Two-way data exchange, including asset control commands